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Cloned and caught: the strange case of Carolina Herrera's pants that appeared in Zara

To talk about inspirations and clones in the fashion world is to talk about a topic that is practically everyday. Not only low-cost firms copy large firms: luxury designers also clone each other, just as cheap firms can inspire one another. Today we look at the strange case of pants that appeared in the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection of Carolina Herrera and that only a few weeks ago were presented in the new Zara collection… Coincidence?
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Shanina Shaik confirms what we already suspected: there will be no Victoria's Secret parade

A few months ago there was a rumor that the American firm Victoria's Secret was not going to televise its famous annual parade, putting the future of the event itself at risk. With dozens of angels parading in underwear and several guest artists entertaining the evening with their live songs, the news has just been confirmed that there will definitely be no show, and this has been explained by the model Shanina Shaik - one of the favorites of the brand - in an interview given to the Daily Telegraph.
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The chokers come back hard, here are 7 ways to bring the new revival of the season

Do you remember those chokers well attached to the neck that swept through the nineties? Well, they have returned and with force although they do it renamed, now you will also know them as chokers and they will allow you to play and take advantage of your neck. If you ever said again to the nineties maybe this revival will conquer you again, celebrities and girls have already signed up for the chokers, including this accessory in all their outfits, from Alexa Chung to Hailey Baldwin, yes the styles They are very varied.
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Trends? craziest views during Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week concluded yesterday with the most anticipated (or most anticipated) fashion shows with firms such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Miu Miu. But from Trendencias Belleza we want to do a general review and show the strangest trends seen on the catwalk. Impossible hairstyles, makeup that could be used for Halloween night and disturbing outfits with which one would leave the whole family speechless on Christmas day.
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Lara Álvarez and her perfect guest look

As beautiful and smiling as always, Lara Álvarez has left us with a perfect guest look. The presenter went to the MadWomen Awards 2017 impeccable with a black dress, a classic color and with which it never fails. Lara Álvarez was wrapped in a long black design, with an asymmetrical neckline and a sensual skirt opening.
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