Red carpet

Feroz Awards 2019: Anna Castillo surprises with this white sequined curd dress with British signature

Anna Castillo She is one of the actresses with the most nominations for Spanish film awards, which is why we expect a lot from her on the red carpet. On this occasion we must recognize that it has surprised us, not so much for the final result but for the simplicity of its styling. In many cases the less is more, but if you stay short you don't convince either.

Anna Castillo It has been decided by the color white and by the sequins, a mixture that can achieve the best, but also the worst. On this occasion, this design of Stella McCartney, sexy and with few ornaments has a very sober and delicate styling, something super nice if accompanied with a makeup and hairdressing at the height, something that we have missed in the actress. The sequin lingerie dress is beautiful, however the length of it is unforgivable.