The 7 beauty tutorials for New Year's Eve that (really) are easy to test

If you are one of those who, when New Year's Eve arrives, wants to try new things, this article is for you. Because today we are going to escape the classic red lips and eyeliner to wear brighter and daring beauty trends. Yes, with easy to get tutorials and without too much complication. That way we will enter 2019 with a look who will be the protagonist of any New Year's party, guaranteed!

Golden makeup, safe bet

New Year's Eve is a great time to wear the metallic gold color without fear. This Vanessa Romero tutorial shows us how get it with a rock look, very marked and full of brightness.

Eyeliner glitter, the obsession of 2018

This New Year's Eve the thing is going to shine, as it should be. If you are one of those who have opted for a sequin or glitter dress, increase the volume with a blow of makeup glitter! In this video we can see how powerful a eyeliner of glitter, either single color for first time or mixing two as in the tutorial if you are a beauty pro.

Dare with the neon and fill the night with color

If you are one of those who go unnoticed seems an abomination, the touch of neon will ensure that this does not happen. It is one of the most popular trends of 2018 and promises to give a lot more cane in 2019. It may not be ideal for your day to day in the office, but you can take off your thorn and try it with fluoro shadows This New Year's Eve.

Black lips is all you need

The lipsticks in total black no longer result punk Not too much rockers. Rihanna has been in charge of showing the world how sophisticated they can be. Black is elegance and creates looks beauty very dramatic and intense. Would you like to try it? Take advantage of the most special night of the year to let everyone hallucinate with a style like this tutorial.

Bordeaux is a trend

If burgundy eyes are one of the most performed searches on Pinterest in 2018, it will be for something. This is the perfect option for those who do not have too much skill with makeup, because it is very easy to get. Combine burgundy shadows with other colors or create a total look of eyes and lips very sexy as they do in the video.

The silver to be a Snow Queen

Against the excess of gold, those who prefer silver are resistance. This one can make anyone feel great, especially to very dark blondes or brunettes. The idea is to keep the face full in tones nude except the eyes, which come with all the strength and cold of metallic silver. Take note of the tutorial!

Red and gold, the definitive Christmas combo

We end up with a wild card that is both festive, classic and a good twist ours look beauty diary. It's about taking good intense red lips and elevating them to the category of diva with golden eyeshadows. Gold and red together are a very Christmas mix and we would be playing on insurance, why risk if we know this works?