Duel of styles

Victoria Beckham vs. Kylie Jenner: two opposite styles that follow the trends of the moment

New season, new range of trends. The world of fashion is versatile and adapts to all possible styles, making every year we have our supply dozens of trends They adapt to our personal tastes. Victoria Beckham and Kylie Jenner, despite being well known in the world, have totally opposite styles, but both follow trends to the millimeter. This has been shown to us a few hours ago with the same background scenario: the streets of New York. The question is, which of the two proposals do you stay with?

Passion for work overalls or camouflage print?

Kylie Jenner is just another victim of having fallen into the hands of the worker-like monkeys - she learns that the English designer wore a few days ago. But this time, the young businesswoman has opted for a denim version that has combined it with snakeskin boots. If you want to look like her, you should know that this monkey is signed by IRO Jeans and costs 785 euros.

Victoria Beckham, however, this time has chosen to show off the trend (if she ever left) of camouflage print, wearing an oversize military jacket. To give it absolute prominence, the British combined it with a total black look.

This style is the easiest to copy, and thanks to Zara SRPLS we will wear a very similar shirt.

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