Famous Fashion

You'll want to copy (literally) the latest styling of Melania Trump, shoes included

Trump marriage is on a business trip in Argentine territory and that means only one thing: innumerable changes of outfit by Melania Trump. Leaving aside the esteem you can have for the First Lady of the United States -either for good or for bad-, the truth is that his style is impeccable. Now leave us with a look ladylike, Elegant and perfect to eat the world where footwear takes absolute control.

Absolute prominence to shoes (cow)

First it was the leopard print, later the snake and the zebra print, and now Melania shows us the power of the cow print. With some shoes on this print so cool, the styling is composed of a color palette that goes from chocolate brown to pure white. With both colors a wonderful contrast is created that does nothing other than extol the final result.

  • Long leather jacket Ralph Lauren.
  • Brown crew neck jumper Ralph Lauren.
  • Pencil skirt Herve pierre.
  • Animal print shoes Manolo Blahnik.