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Tyrolean blouses and dresses are the last hit among influencers, none have resisted

Recovered from the hangover of Coachella we have been able to glimpse, in the meantime brilli brilli and very crazy tendencies, that all the influencers They have surrendered to the same temptation. We refer to white dresses and blouses, with puffed sleeves and Provencal look. In a summer full of color and prints, it seems that the total white It has made its way. Word of Emily Ratajkowski and Aimee Song.

The designs are all nuclear targets, with puckered and puffy fabrics that create volume and they are inspired by the typical Tyrolean costumes that we still see in the Oktoberfest. Details such as buttons, bows or frills are added to decorate them, but in general these are minimalist linen garments with necklines bardot or very generous heart.

They have a Very sexy and Provencal air with a retro touch from the 50s. However, they modernize it by combining it with light jeans to maintain that chromatic clarity in styling. And how would you take it? We leave you here some proposals to inspire you.

  • Crop top white with rubber and Zara volumes, 25.95 euros.
  • Blouse poplin blouse bardot from Uterqüe, 69 euros.
  • Dress with cleavage bardot and corseted details of Asos, 23.99 euros.

In Jared | Do not be afraid, the prints are to combine them with each other.

Video: Victorian Nightgown Vintage Sleepwear. (December 2019).