Laura Escanes also points to the change of spring look

These days we are full with celebrity look changes They are welcoming the good weather with a turnaround of style. Thus, after seeing how many bet on the most colorful colors such as the rose of Paris Jackson, Lucy Hale or Bussy Philipps, others like Laura Escanes becomes more classic in her style as she has shown us on her Instagram account.

There you have it, Laura leaves the platinum blonde, her ice-blod, to move to a more classic tone, a chestnut with nuances clearer that give more brightness to your pixie.

Definitely a big change but that it suits him very well (She is monerrima, so everything looks good, things as they are). Perhaps it gives a more serious air and adds some year, however, since it is very young, it is not very remarkable either.

What do you think of this change?

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