Edith Head: the golden Hollywood designer to know

His name will not sound so much to us as designers such as Christian Dior or Hubert de Givenchy, recently deceased, however, Edith Head was one of the most important golden Hollywood costume designers. He won no less than 8 Oscar Awards and received 35 nominations for Best Costume, filling stars like glamor Mae West, Barbara Stanwyck, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Kim Novak, or Tippi Hedren, creating for them from the most elegant dresses to the simplest designs.

He was born in 1897 in California to Jewish parents. The drawing classes he received at the art school served him to work in the advertising world, and then entered Paramount as head of the wardrobe department. He worked in countless films from the 30s to the 70s for productions of Paramount Pictures and in Universal Studios from 1967. She became friends with many actresses and designed for them also in her personal life.

His mysterious and peculiar appearance with dark glasses, a short bangs and appearance was often the inspiration for Edna Nora's character in The Incredibles.

The keys to the Edith Head style

The style that permeates the costumes of his films is wonderful. She wrote a book published in 1967, How to dress for success, with style keys and tricks that are still valid.

  • A style classic and timeless, fleeing the clothes trendy of the moment and the prints to create chic, simple and stylish clothes.

  • Tailor designs. The trick so that all your designs are impeccable is to adjust them to the body of each person according to their measurements so that they are perfect on shoulders, hips, sleeves, etc.

  • A basic look. She defended wearing almost uniform, with a representative, classic personal look, consisting of jacket, blouse, skirt and heels to change fabrics, colors and styles depending on the situation.

  • Your style brand. His look was very identifiable and recognizable at first sight and Edith believed that you had to wear something that defined you, be it glasses, a haircut, a color or a jewel.

It is worth remembering the costumes of some of his films Because his style and class is eternal. He received an Oscar for the heiress (1949), Eve in the nude (1950), Samson and Delilah (1951), A place in the sun (1951), Holidays in Rome (1953), Sabrina (1954), The miracles of life (1960) and the coup (1973), but His talent permeated many other mythical films.

Eva's three nights

Barbara Stanwick She had the ideal type of dress, long and spiky, and Edith Head worked so well for her that the actress commissioned her to design all her personal costumes. From Eva's three nights It is said that it was the first luxury fashion film, in the words of Edith.

West Berlin

Marlene Dietrich directed by Billy Wilder in a romantic comedy that takes place in busy Berlin after World War II. The costumes of Edithe Head make the film even more essential.

Eva naked

No one like Edith Head to dress the elegant decline of Bette Davis.

Samson and Delilah

The wealth and luxury of Hedy Lamarr's costumes playing Delilah earned an Oscar for Edith. A movie "than before"that moves.

A place in the sun

The romantic dresses of the aristocratic Elizabeth Taylor they would not be the same without Edith Head's talent.

Holidays in Rome

We will never forget one of the first roles of Audrey Hepburn on the big screen looking so good the New Look of the 50s, touring the Eternal City in Vespa.


One of the shadows in Edith Head's career was to receive the Oscar for best costumes for Sabrina and not mention Hubchy de Givenchy. Although Edith designed part of the costumes, some of the most remembered dresses that Audrey Hepburn wore were from Givenchy's Parisian workshop, however her name did not appear on the credit titles.

Catch a thief

Grace Kelly in a state of grace and accompanied by a handsome man like Cary Grant, she wore the costumes designed by Edith Head beautifully. A film by Alfred Hitchcock that we love, although this time, the designer did not receive the award for best costumes. Incomprehensible. However, Grace Kelly and Edith Head maintained a very close relationship that led the actress to wear a blue satin dress created by Edith to collect an Oscar Award.

The indiscreet window

Again the classic beauty of Grace Kelly dressed by the great costume designer.

The ten Commandments

There is nothing like a historical film to make the most of a magnificent costume.


The exuberance and mystery of Kim Novak in Vertigo it is due in large part to the impeccable costume of the designer.


Another film by Alfred Hitchcock in which Edith Head also worked. 60's style suits Tippi Hedren while fleeing from the birds they will always be part of the history of the cinema.

The single rogue

Long before Carrie Bradshaw became an independent single with a lot of style, Natalie Wood triumphed on the big screen dressed by Edith Head playing a single woman with a busy social life.

The hit

Edith head Not only did he dress big female stars, impossible to forget the lovely scammers Robert Reford and Paul Newman, their costumes and their hats in this 1973 film.

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