Angelina Jolie superb at the Bafta 2018

We continue to see looks that the red carpet of the 2018 Bafta Awards With one of its great protagonists. And is that every time Angelina Jolie step on an event, get all the flashes and, once again, has been totally superb.

For the occasion, Angelina has chosen a perfect hairstyle At the same time as simple, a great success without resorting to the volume and cards that usually contribute years. With this bow tie Simple achieves a younger and more natural effect.

And when it comes to makeup, only has focused on his eyes with a black outline that lengthens his eyes, but at the same time they blur it so as not to mark the features. The rest goes through some nude lips With a touch of shine, a pretty natural and perfect look.

What do you think of you?

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