We tried the Kiehl's luminosity ritual for radiant skin

One of my biggest concerns regarding skin issues is the lack of luminosity. In summer I still hide the brown, but in winter my face goes out and it even turns a little rough, so my bet is always aimed at products that hydrate my skin a lot (yes, winter does not help dryness either) And enlighten me. Therefore, when he came to me Kiehl's luminosity ritual knew we were going to become great partners in battles.

Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

We start by the star of the kit, obviously. Actually, the kit It is summarized in the acquisition of this cream complemented with the other 3 products for a price all of 77 €, which is worth it, I'm going ahead of you. The cream alone costs € 57.

Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate treats a face cream that contains the Kiehl's formula that visibly and progressively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines and rictus, improving the texture and luminosity of the skin since it is formulated with a single concentration of 10.5% of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

As you already know, Vitamin C is one of the best allies to give luminosity to the faceHowever, not all of us can use it because they are usually products that cause a lot of reaction, especially in the most sensitive skins, so you better make sure you can use it, or ask for a sample before.

In my case, I had tried vitamin C creams before like Sesderma or Natura Biseé, so I had no qualms about applying it. Of course, I will tell you that It gives a slight sensation of heat when applied. If the thing does not happen from there, everything is in order.

It is a cream with dispenser, which is appreciated because it makes them much more practical and avoids spending all day putting their fingers inside the product. I like that point, as they have other creams of the same brand, although when it starts to finish you have to do some wonders to get the product.

Its texture is quite dense, so with a couple of keystrokes It is more than enough for the entire face and neck. It provides very good hydrationin fact the skin feels very soft after application, especially for those with dry skin, although perhaps for oily skin I do not see it highly recommended, but for normal and mixed. It is well absorbed, but perhaps on oily skin it can be a bit heavy.

As for the results, without a doubt with the applications the skin is being brighter, recover the light that loses in these times. Of course, it is not overnight, like all creams, but it is true that Vitamin C is always a light shot for the skin.

As regards the wrinkle reduction, As I have commented on other occasions, I only have slight lines of expression that I keep well at bay (at least for now and at 35).

Anti-wrinkle and anti-dark illuminating concentrate

We continue with the treatment for eye contour, a powerful treatment against skin aging that is formulated with a 10.5% concentration of Pure Vitamin C and Haloxyl, an innovative ingredient that stimulates the natural enzymes of the skin around the eyes, improving its appearance.

Yes, it is very powerful, I am telling you from the first moment. In fact, the tube is a 15 ml sample I assure you that it goes a long way, since with an amount similar to a grain of rice you have more than enough. So the sale size has to spread a lot.

And what we are going to. In my case the dark circles I have quite marked and bluish, besides here I have more lines of expression. I'm not going to tell you that he took them from me because no, however I do notice that has reduced them And they look better.

The normal sale price is € 42.

Cleansing gel with Calendula

This cleaner It is described as a skin repairman, which facilitates deep cleansing with abundant and dense foam that Gently remove impurities on the surface of the skin and inside the pores. With an infusion of natural Calendula Flower extract, the skin looks and feels instantly revitalized, revealing clean and fresh skin.

It is a gel sulfate free, soap free, perfume free and paraben free which is more indicated for normal and oily skin. Therefore, although the touch is pleasant and removes the makeup quite well thanks to its foam, In my case my skin dries out. Therefore, for drier skins I would not recommend it.

Its price is € 9.50 in 230 ml size, although there is also a giant format.

Cranberry Energizing Mask

And finally, we have this mask That I wanted to try for a long time. It comes in a 30 ml jar. but it is valid for a few applications (3 or 4 depending on the amount used).

They describe it as a mask that brightens and energizes the skin, reducing aspects of tiredness and opacity, to restore a radiant, healthy appearance. This formulated with cranberry and turmeric, This invigorating formula helps to visibly improve the overall appearance of the skin, while the cranberry seed powder gently exfoliates, to achieve a smooth, radiant and luminous complexion.

It is an intense yellow tone with reddish particles. It has a very very dense texture. A layer is applied to the face and allowed to dry for about 10/15 minutes. At first it causes a slight sensation of cold, which has been curious, really. Then dries like clay (No, do not pretend to gesture because it will be impossible), being necessary to remove it apply water and go doing light massages to let the cranberry seeds act as exfoliating, but it is very very soft (and more considering that, as I said, I am not a fan of grain scrubs), since the particles are round and It almost gives more sensation of massage than exfoliation.

The result is a skin Clean, soft and with more light. In fact I was surprised that, in addition, now that I have some pimples of hair removal in the area of ​​the eyebrows, it calmed me a lot, which is appreciated. Its price is € 39.

And so far my experience with these four products of the Kiehl's Luminosity Ritual. If I have to choose one I stay with the cream and then with the eye contour (which I do not rule out buying in sale format, really).

The product was provided for testing by Kiehl's. You can check our company relations policy for more information.