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Doña Letizia and her gala look: Lorenzo Caprile re-enters her dressing room

The Kings have celebrated a gala dinner in honor of the President of Israel and his wife, Nechama Rivlin. He Royal Palace Madrid has been adorned for this special night in which Doña Letizia has again bet on Lorenzo Caprile, the designer with whom he dazzled the world with that red dress at the wedding of Frederick and Mary of Denmark.

Mrs. Letizia has chosen for tonight a look of two pieces. A black bodice with rhinestones detail and sensual neckline combined with a beautiful black skirt embroidered with white flowers and long tail, as if it were a Manila shawl. A creation signed by Lorenzo Caprile and that belongs to 2004. It is not the first time we see the queen with a piece of this style, this summer she reused a Manila shawl in Mallorca, created by Juan Duyos. The body, also of Caprile, premiered at the Silver Weddings of the Dukes of Luxembourg in 2006.

The queen had not bet on the creator of Madrid for a long time, even if she was rescuing a model from her dressing room, a shame because with it she has achieved unforgettable styling. And tonight goes by with a very high note. A very feminine impeccable cut, a barbarian style, the result of which is that impressive.

As in any gala dinner worth its salt, His Majesty has rescued some of his most significant jewels from the Palace. On this occasion he has chosen the floral diamond tiara that Franco gave to Queen Sofia for her wedding, a piece that can be reused as a necklace or as three brooches Maison Mellerio. A styling that has completed two brilliant bracelets of Cartier and long earrings with diamonds and pearls. Perfect makeup and a braided low bun has completed its fantastic look.

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