We tested the port Hydra Plus Active Fluid ampoules for a good face instantly

My skin, like everyone else's, goes through better times and worse times. With the change of season, although the cold has not yet arrived, the skin suffers more and tends to become dehydrated, and has ups and downs. Therefore, when there are times when there is no other than having a good face instantly, there is nothing better than resorting to concentrated blisters. So, today we are going to talk about are going to be about Port Hydra Plus Active Fluid.

These blisters are a active concentrate in blister format to provide a hydration boost for dry or dehydrated skin that gives the skin a intense hydration and instantly gives a softer and fresher appearance.

It contains a Hyaluronic Acid complex and a moisturizing polymer They provide and fix hydration and protect the skin against moisture loss.

That said, I'll tell you that I have used them in specific moments, for example, on days when I have noticed the especially dry and lifeless skin, as well as at times when, after working, being made up all day, I had to go out and needed a good face at the time.

As you can see, it is a case that contains seven blisters that give a lot of itself, in fact, I will tell you that a complete blister seems too much for a single application and, although they are absorbed very well and at the moment, I have used them twice.

Like all blisters, special care must be taken when opening them, especially not to cut ourselves. The good thing is that it brings a plastic applicator that is put on top and that facilitates opening, Which is appreciated.

And refering to the application is very simple, the contents are thrown into the palms of the hands and applied to the clean face with slight pressures until it is completely absorbed, which takes a few seconds to produce. The skin drinks the product for unveil a much more juicy, hydrated and much better looking face than before. It has saved me from some situations in which I had to have yes or yes good looks, and I have succeeded.

I advise you to always have some blisters flash effect in your bag According to your needs. In my case I have dry skin, so for me you are from Babor have come as a ring to my finger, but you already know that you can find them of all kinds, from anti-aging, revitalizing, illuminating ... whatever you need. These have been great for me and they will continue with me a good season.

As for his price is quite good since they are € 24.90 the pack of seven, so they are within the average of this type of ampoules.

These products were provided for testing by These products were provided for testing by Port. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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