Objectives that are never met? It may be time to try. Sometimes ..., everything consists of "throwing"

Are you still dreaming, or are you able to risk and try new things? My experience tells me that everything is going for ages. There are times when I could eat the world, and at some other time I go around many things that I would like to do Without finishing the jump. A new treatment, that sport that I watch and admire, end a habit that I don't like.

I think it's all a matter of momento and attitude, and I always think that a sixth sense will tell me when the opportune moment arrives, but ... what if the attitude consists in closing the eyes and jump? So, without more. I tell you my temptations of this season, because I think this time, I am willing to try ... And you, do you dare to do the experiences How much do you want?

Try "that" sport

Is called Nordic Walking, and surely like me, have you ever looked and thought, "but what do they do with the sticks if there is no snow?" Now I know more and my curiosity has been satisfied to become a desire. It was a few days ago, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Assari, when I had the opportunity to know almost everything. Among all the activities offered by this institution of Health & Wellness, one is to go outside, in a group, to practice Nordic Walking.

Imagine if I was clueless that I had always believed that the canes were used to support and facilitate the activity. Now I know that its use exercises muscles that not even I knew existed, and that this sport was born in Finland to to train to the maximum during the months that there is no snow. His practice is so technically evolved that it moves the 90% of the muscles. The movements, even of arms, look for the amplitude of long route and can be an exhausting training, although very fun and social.

Resistance, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance they are key, and yet their intensity can modulate depending on each person. Do not try to do it alone because it is a technique so complex as to have to learn it, so if you are one of those who love to walk like me, you can try in this center, located next to the park Retirementwhere they organize very funny gears What am I going to try? The class is priced at 40 euros, and includes loan of sticks and individual advice on the possibilities of subsequent practice. Assari It also has many more disciplines to try new experiences: maderoterapia, shiatsu, mindfulness, japanese lifting... For something he comes of age, right?

That technique

You know that I am a fan of radio frequency for effects that I have already told you on occasion. But what if we applied it to the body and also activated the muscular system? A possibility that I had heard from some beauty expert and now I know better. Maximus Trilipo It is a device that offers radiofrequency combined with muscle activation and is intended tone up and treat the skin, remove fat body and do lymphatic drainage. A technology that is presented as an effective alternative to surgery.

RF and DMA trilipo causes deep and homogeneous heating of the dermal layers and fat, to accelerate the latter's metabolism and facilitate its release. The muscle activation technology with the applicator achieves a “compression” effect, and therefore a lymphatic drainage, activates the blood circulation and improves the oxygenation Y detoxification of the tissues.

In this body indication it is also advised to achieve greater firmness and tone, treat cellulite and stretch marks. The protocol, between 6 and 8 sessions, depending on the volume; and the price between 80 and 140 euros, depending on the area. It is carried out in aesthetic centers throughout Spain, if you need more information you can consult in Cincos.

An ingredient

He Dr. Perricone proposes the new line H2 Elemental Energy endowed with hydrogen energy, H2 Energy Complex TM, for dull and fatigued skin. Developed to activate and energize the skin's superficial cells and provide a powerful boost of hydration. During the past 30 years, the Dr. Perricone has investigated anti-inflammatory strategies to prevent and combat the signs of aging, under innovative technologies. Among his many investigations, his greatest achievement has been the discovery of the hydrogen efficiency.

To try, tempt me your cream Hydrating Cloud Cream, one of the products of the line, which is advertised as a sensation fresh and moisturizing which provides a nutrition Rich and deep Its recommended price is 85 euros. The line also presents Hydrating Booster Serum, De-Puffing Eye Gel, Firming Foam Mask and Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum.

A "nocturnal" cosmetic

Try a new topical component? Isdin just submitted Flavo-C Melatonin, the first night repair serum formulated with topical melatonin, and indicated for repair and prepare the skin against the damage caused during the day by oxidative stress. An innovative texture serum-in-oil Perfect for the night, a mixture of light, non-fatty oils with gradual absorption that allows a very pleasant massage on the skin. I have begun to try them and the sensation is that of a hydrated, nourished, soft, luminous skin and a soft and silky finish.

In addition these blisters contain bakuchiol, ingredient of natural origin with properties antiaging which restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and vitamin C. The recommended price of the box of 30 ampoules is 49.95 euros.

TryIt is certainly the key to to know, know and to have new experiences. These are just some of the possibilities that the new course offers us, to choose It's in your hand.

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