Perfect manual to take advantage of your pixie, by Cara Delevingne

Since Cara Delevingne He rubbed his head has not stopped playing with his image making it clear that with short hair you can do many things, more than we imagined.

We have always had the idea that with the short hair and more shaved the chances of playing with the look were rather null or scarce, but nothing could be further from the truth. The model has shown us in each public appearance many looks of different styles, yes, some more wearable than others, but there are ideas.

Full color

A few days ago we saw Cara with this new hair tone so sweet and delicate, a pastel pink that intermingles with a more grayish base, thus obtaining a more ash point. Of course it seems to me that he feels great and that he managed to be beautiful.

If you would like to try a similar tone Ideally, non-permanent options As we suspect the model did, sprays that disappear with washing may be an option.

We also have to mention your makeup that stands out mainly by that illuminator applied at the top of the cheekbones and temples, of a hue that follows the harmony of the hair. A very similar one is the illuminator Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter by Urban Decay in the Aura tone.

A glam touch

You have to see how good the pixie feels to Delevingne, also so short. For this occasion he opted to comb it to the side and with a textured finish thus achieving a cooler touch.

But the surprise was in the back where green glitter was applied (matching the dress) from the middle of the hair to the back of the neck and even by the sideburns. More original?

With black tape and ... hairpiece?

Thus, with a simple accessory, specifically a black ribbon, he managed to bring a more chic touch to his hairstyle. The tape was placed just behind the bangs and as we have been able to observe neither the previous days, nor the days after, he had such long hair so just as a reader warned us Maybe it's a camouflaged hair bangs with tape.

Silver paper

To attend Stephen Colbert's Late Show, Cara also wanted to add a special touch to her hair. On this occasion the bet was for the silver paper placed in pieces on the back. Would you hold on a lot?

Waves to the water with "trick"

Here there is no doubt, pfull-fledged oyster to achieve a "melenite" effect with water waves. The idea is not bad because a completely different look was achieved but the integration of the hairpiece was not very good and it shows in leagues.

I skewer

When British hair began to grow and stop looking so shaved he threw himself with the gummed and spiked, a good way to achieve something else of volume and a rogue point.

Fake tattoo

At the MTV Movie Awards he attended with a shaved head and a fake tattoo on the back of his head shaped like a geometric flower that was made with a silver gray spray. Once again he managed to get attention and bring a cool touch.

If there has been a look with which we were very surprised it was this one that wore at the Met Gala, getting a twist to his shaved head. He chose to paint the hair and part of the face with silver paint and details of strass. The totally futuristic and daring result, far from what we usually see.

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