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Dismantling myths: the youtuber plus size Loey Lane sports everything a curvy girl is supposed to wear

And they look that good. Like youtuber of size XL, Loey Lane She is tired of hearing comments saying what she should not wear with her body. Receive hundreds of unsolicited stylistic advice from strangers who are dedicated to giving their opinions about what they can or cannot get because they are fat. And he has answered all of them in a very sarcastic video that dismantles all the myths of how to dress being size XL in summer.

Here you can see the fun video he has made:

Crop tops

Does anyone feel offended to see some meat to this girl?


Because fat girls are supposed to die of heat in summer wearing leggings or jeans so as not to show their legs.

Sports bra

"Curvy girls should wear a long T-shirt, and yoga pants, maybe a few seconds pants on top so as not to be too damp ... or else, a sheet"Thus he ironic about those who criticize his sporty look in the gym.

Tight clothing

"Nothing tight, so what should you wear? Maybe a sack with holes for legs and arms"he jokes.

Spanx, definitely not

Nothing of shapewear because it could be considered as "a fake ad"continues with sarcasm in the video.


"You can't wear whatever you want because you could be bodyshaming"

How Loey lane affirms, this dress code We shouldn't care, everyone should feel comfortable and confident with what they wear. And she also shows that she can defend all the "bans"for curvy girls and they look great.

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Video: . Dismantling myths about teenagers. Daniel J. Siegel, psychiatrist and professor (December 2019).