A restaurant in London revolutionizes #foodporn on Instagram and makes it really easy

They know it and they know it very well. Be a star on Instagram It is as important for any restaurant as the best of gastronomic criticism, a symbol of prestige and an advertising weapon that is increasingly important.

For that same reason we learned this week that a London restaurant has taken a step further to get your customers to take photos of their dishes and take them out on Instagram in all their glory.

The Dirty Bones restaurant, in London's Soho offers its customers an Instagram kit, with an LED light, a portable battery or a tripod to take selfies among other curiosities. One way to encourage everyone to practice posturing on Instagram ... while they they get a lot of free publicityof course

Anyone might think that Dirty Bones owners may not be interested in having their clientele take pictures of the dishes while they cool down (and know what comments they leave after the site), but Nothing further from reality. In their statements to Evening Standard they have ensured that this practice can help them be more creative with their menus, but also that "typical people who visit Dirty Bones are usually very active on social networks, on Instagram in particular," says Cokey Sulkin , the founder and director of operations of the premises.

Seeing the images that the restaurant publishes on its own Instagram profile does not surprise us at all that it is difficult to resist taking a picture of the dishes served in Dirty Bones. Food for the soul and to satisfy the demanding glutton of the most foodies such as fried chicken, creamy sauces, waffles with syrup, etc. Of course, better to have a lot of skill to take a quick photo and jump to savor their gastronomic proposals at the right temperature.

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