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The video that has given us the creeps on child prostitution

Produced by Free A Girl, this advertising campaign has overwhelmed us like few others. Starring a group of small girls, hidden behind an animal mask, we observe how they are taking a series of sex toys out of a box, trying to discover what they really are since his childhood innocence.

A magic wand, a curling iron, a wand to give the cattle, a roller ... The imagination of a small child has no limits. But it can be a terrible reality for other children who are forced daily to prostitute themselves. The contrast between the happy images of the beginning and the real ones of the end is terrible:

The Free A Girl organization has achieved for the past eight years free thousands of girls that they were in a situation of helplessness and forced to prostitute themselves, as well as to reintegrate them into society.

This NGO also has as another of its priority objectives alert the whole society about the existence of child prostitution and raise funds to help prevent it, as well as combat human trafficking. To achieve better results, they work with other organizations in countries like Nepal, Thailand, Brazil or India, among others.

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