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Avery Jackson, the transgender girl who has conquered the cover of National Geographic

Magazine National Geographic He plans to start 2017 in style. This is the cover of the January issue, starring Avery Jackson, a girl who has faced gender change. He is only nine years old, but he has already become the first transgender person to appear on the cover of this magazine.

With this edition, National Geographic examine aspects of gender identity around the world. "We want to observe the functioning of gender roles throughout the planet. There is a lot of coverage around the celebrities, but not in normal people who face it daily in schools or jobs, "says Susan Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the publication.

The one chosen for this amazing cover has been Avery Jackson who, along with her parents, has been fighting for equality for some time. Even they shared openly on social networks the transition of the small Avery proudly, to help other children in their situation. All this after a child psychologist gave them the advice that changed everything: "let him be a girl".

In addition to this January issue, focused on the progress of the gender spectrum, National Geographic It will also broadcast a two-hour documentary on February 6, titled Gender Revolution, in which they will thoroughly analyze the social and educational norms that impose certain sexualities that are now being diluted.

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