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Who hides behind every impeccable look of Kate Middleton? The team analyzed by heart

Each of his appearances hoard hundreds of covers in all international media. Each and every one of the clothes you wear they end up becoming best sellers (or we sigh to be able to get hold of them). His style is indisputable, his hair, always impeccable and his makeup, simply perfect, discreet and sensational.

What does Kate Middleton have to always be perfect, whatever the situation, the continent or the weather?

Very easy: a team of top professionals who travel with her and accompany her in all her appearances, they plan each "look" in a meticulous way, they investigate and know their figure in detail. Why only this way you get it right every time.

Your hairdresser: Amanda Cook Tucker

This renowned hairdresser is the person in charge of Kate's always impeccable waves, which remain even after taking a walk in the mountains of Buthan and completely safe from moisture, or its iconic bun chignons with those who dazzle in their more formal appearances.

He was also the person responsible for preparing Kate for the press, just hours after giving birth to Prince George in July 2013.

His maximum contribution to the team has been to keep Kate's hair safe from the relentless humidity of Asia on the tour they made across the continent in 2012 and in mastering the loose waves like nobody else.

It is rumored that charges three hundred pounds per hour.

Your makeup artist: Arabella Preston

Kate Middleton aroused everyone's admiration when it was learned that she put on makeup herself on her wedding day, something that seems to be done frequently and without the help of any professional.

But it is no secret either that days before your wedding in 2011 received personal classes from this professional: Arabella Preston.

From Arabella's hand, she learned to give more step to her eye-liner or to define her eyelids with shades of a gray-brown color and do it on her own (although we also know that she had the support of another makeup artist: Hannah Martin). Something that is also a makeup professional, and founder of the brand specializing in Votary facials, has done for other clients such as Daisey Lowe or Lily James.

Your stylist: Natasha Arche

This glamorous and gorgeous blonde has been working for Kate for more than three years, but He was previously his personal assistant. Until recently, when he received orders directly from the Queen to work more on the "look" of Kate and I did more than royalty.

Her friends and her husband, photographer Chris Jackson, know her as Untash and it is considered that it was her taste for fashion and her eye to detect the perfect garments, both asking the hight street signatures online and going to the most exclusive designers , which ended up convincing Kate Middleton to promote her as an assistant to a personal stylist.

His first great success: it is rumored that it was the person responsible for finding the perfect dress so that Kate made her first appearance after the birth of Prince George: that already iconic blue dress with white dots that everyone wanted to have.

Your personal secretary: Rebecca Deacon

She is in charge of organizing the events, acts, assists and everything related to the busy life of the Duchess. What is known as a "girl for everything." Although his work is not directly related to Kate's appearance, it is responsible for everything that revolves around it work like clockwork, which translates into zero wrinkles of concern and in that relaxed attitude of your boss.

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