Lefties begins its particular bikini operation with designs for all tastes (and bodies)

It is evident that the temperatures have risen and although they are not yet stable, they remind us that the time of good weather has arrived. He go to the beach or the pool It becomes the plan for the weekend and being prepared for that moment is essential. Lefties launch a new bathroom collection with designs so irresistible that it will be impossible (really) to choose only one option. In form of full body bikini or swimsuit, the Spanish firm shows us that there is no tendency to escape from this new collection.

The rage for the tie dye reaches the bathroom collections

He threatened to be one of the trends of the season and has achieved it: the tie dye print is able to teleport to the California of the 80s without just moving from the sofa at home. In bright and summer colors, Lefties proposes a bikini and a full-length swimsuit (we want them both!).

Long life striped

No matter how the years go by, striped print is always at the foot of the canyon. With the chromatic combination of pink and white, this bikini will be all the rage and arouse the desire to spend more than one.

Do you dare with neon colors?

Last year they appeared in our day to day and now their presence has become more than evident. The neon colors continue with their particular conquest and now it is the world of swimwear who falls into its claws.

Divine simplicity

Why bundle our heads when simple designs (and closet bottoms) are perfect to accompany us at all times. Leaving trends aside - momentarily - these models promise never to get bored and to be salvation to our most complicated days.

You will want to accompany your looks with a printed shirt

There has been much talk about achieving the perfect look to go to the beach: steamy dresses, plain or patterned overalls ... Lefties adds a new option to the combination: a printed shirt to give the final touch a cool touch. Whether open or knotted at the waist in the form of a cropped top, these options make it clear that the star garment this summer will be a retro-style shirt (in the purest style "Fear and disgust in Las Vegas").

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