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Doña Letizia rescues from her closet the famous Oscar de la Renta clone

This week toHer Majesty the Queen He has had to work on Saturday (like many). The queen has moved to Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid) to deliver the National Flag to the Infantry Regiment "Naples" No. 4 of Paratroopers, where the "Roger de Flor" and "Roger de Lauria" flags are integrated. Doña Letizia has opted for a repeated black and white styling, the famous clone design by Oscar de la Renta that has already worn several times.

For the occasion, Doña Letizia, as godmother of this event, has rescued from her closet a dress-coat of tweed With striking floral print in black and white, round neck slightly cut and long sleeves. A hand embroidered glass and black georgette model, signed by Felipe Varela, its header designer on the most prominent occasions.

A model that caused controversy on the day of its premiere, since it has great resemblance to one of Oscar de la Renta de la Spring Summer 2011 collection.

A style that has completed with some black salons of Carolina Herrera and one of his favorite earrings: the earrings of Chanel from the 'Plumme' collection, made of white gold and diamonds valued at 6,400 euros, They look perfect thanks to their already classic low-sided stripe.