Street style

Let your shirt pop under the jersey, the secret to adding layers without subtracting style

This unpredictable time is perfect for add layers and layers of clothing to adapt to each moment, and be able to take off and put on clothes as the thermometer changes. But the art of adding layers has secrets so you don't look like a zeppelin. For example, a pullover superimposed on a shirt that only lets the bass appear, is very good and you can get a lot of play. Do not you believe it? We show it to you.

The best thing to start wearing this trick in a very simple way is to choose a short sweater so that the white shirt looks below. Combine this look with cigarettes and you have the look preppy Perfect for this early fall.

If you want to risk something else, try this way to add layers of clothes with a mini. You will be warm without having to add volume of clothes. An ideal style for dinner with friends.

But if you want to go one step further with this trend, you only need a shirt so long that it serves as a dress. With a pullover on top and musketeer boots your look will be the most sophisticated.

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