Panarra or not, you will love this video of World Bread Day

Today is World Bread Day and anyone who moves through social networks will have realized it, because there are many images, videos, comments and more content of the day that are dedicated to this basic food without which It is difficult to conceive the kitchen. Everything that surrounds the culture and tradition of the bakery has something magical and comforting, that's why we have fallen in love with this video that no artisan bread lover can miss.

Behind him are just that, the crazy artisan bread lovers from the Panic Madrid bakery who have wanted to pay tribute to their passion and make it clear that they like what they do. Which, in addition, they do well. And it is that their artisan breads are those that do not need more than a little butter to make us levitate, those who ate our grandparents, with a crispy toasted crust and a crumb with consistency. In three words: real bread.

This video is a beautiful way to congratulate all bakers who, as they tell themselves, "live on bread and bread and treat it honestly, to those who get excited talking about bread, enjoy it, recognize it, share it, give it away. To those who have become the center from their lives and to those who have recovered it at their tables. To those who do it, to those who seek it. To those who understand it, to those who decipher it. To those who value it. "

And we We wanted to join in this tribute to bread and this hard job that is baker's. Because behind each bar, loaf or thread there is a lot of work, a lot of love, a lot of early rises, a lot of patience and a lot of time. If you are one of those who appreciate all this, surely you get excited with each of the 1:09 minutes that this short film lasts. And if not, you may find other reasons to enjoy it. Happy afternoon and happy World Bread Day.

Video: Restaurant Bread Taste Test (December 2019).