Karl Lagerfeld gives Kim Kardashian that of lime and sand over his assault in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld has reacted to the assault that Kim Kardashian suffered last Sunday in his Paris apartment. The problem is that he has reacted in two very different ways. In the hours following the attack, he showed his public support for the celebrity through a beautiful message on Instagram: "Dear Kim, we are all with you. With love, Karl". So far, all good. But, just a day later, he made some statements in which he seems to blame Kim for what happened to him.

"I don't understand why I was in a hotel without security. If you're that famous and you put all that jewelry on the internet, you go to a hotel where nobody can even get close to your room. You cannot show your wealth and you may be surprised that some people want to share it"Those have been his statements, collected by the newspaper The telegraph. He has also been concerned about the image of Paris that this assault can convey.

We don't know what your friend Kim will say about these latest statements, but, a priori, it does not seem very good idea to focus on the victim. We lack a lot of data to know if Kim Kardashian was negligent in the management of the security in his lodging, but that he has made public display of his wealth does not justify, in any case, an assault at gunpoint.

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