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How to photograph doors can become an art: this is Instagram's 'doortrait' fashion

Social networks never cease to surprise us. And, as far as visual surprises are concerned, Instagram takes the cake. The latest trend we have found is called doortrait and his own name is a hybrid between door (door) and portrait (portrait). Have you guessed it? That is what it is about. To portray the most beautiful doors in the world. And, although it may seem like a very crazy idea, we have found real wonders.

Whoever thinks that the world has gone crazy since the appearance of social networks will be surprised to know that the photography of doors goes back a long time. Already in the 70s of the last century, photographer Roy Colmer made a series of photographs of more than 3,000 Manhattan doors, which can be seen on the website of the New York Public Library.

Today, we can discover doors from different places of the world through Instagram. There are accounts dedicated exclusively to doors from different countries (Nicaragua, Italy, Iran or England), cities (Stockholm) and even authors specialized in the subject, such as Alriyami Abdullah (with almost 5,000 followers), Soraya Ben Hadj (with more than 1,100 ), I Have a Thing for Walls (a transoceanic collaboration between two fans of doors, with 36,600 followers) or the most popular of all, Julie Gebhardt (with more than 46,800 followers).

Here we leave you some of the most beautiful doors that we have found:


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