Nine things we have learned from the Bronte sisters and that a woman should never forget

They are the epicenter of a lot of positions found. Some readers love them and others despise them. This year marks the bicentennial of Charlotte's birth and the Brontë Society has organized an exhibition with part of their work and rescued pieces organized by the great writer Tracy Chevalier. But the Brontëmanía does not end here: The National Portrait Gallery in London has also organized an exhibition entitled Celebrating Charlotte Brontë: 1816-1855, in which they will show personal objects never seen before such as paintings, letters, newspapers, etc.

But in addition, there are many more things we can do to honor these three sisters. Especially, make a count of everything we have learned reading the masterpieces they wrote.

1.- You can understand the intensity of human nature living in a lonely wasteland or in a town lost in the mountains.

The three, Anne, Charlotte and Emily were able to break down the barriers of the world they lived in and write extraordinary stories, understand a passion that they themselves had not experienced and open up to a world totally different from yours. We cannot underestimate people who lead much simpler lives because that does not mean that their nature is not as curious, restless and complex as that of people who have a habit of traveling, interacting more, living in large cities with access to many cultural events, etc.

2.- To be a great writer you don't have to live an epic life full of eccentric experiences.

Nothing to do with Ernest Hemingway or Jack London. The three Brontë sisters led a most homemade life, locked in a small house full of junk and in the country. And what is the secret to without leaving that house write Wuthering Heights? Being a great observer of human natureTo be authentic and true to herself.

3.- Love stories do not always have to be cheesy.

The novels of the three Brontë sisters may seem like simple stories of love, of losing it, winning it or getting it and with a happy ending, almost always closed with a marriage. But let's not be fooled. There is nothing romantic about them. They are difficult, subversive, disturbing and truculent stories. Wuthering Heights It is not exactly the story of a wild love and driven by desire, it is a story of madness, abuse and a sick relationship.

4.- Fighting to be how we are will never go out of style.

Wuthering Heights may be a strange and somewhat violent novel, of those stories you love or hate but you can't stay cold when you read them, but it doesn't look anything like the stories of the other two sisters. Anna and Charlotte addressed totally innovative issues in their time, especially for women and his need to find his place in the world, their reason for being, escaping the destiny that suffocated most of them and proving that they had soul, pride, intelligence and will. An issue that unfortunately remains topical.

5.- Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do something to be a woman.

Jane Eyre said it in 1847: women feel the same as men, they need to exercise their faculties as much as their siblings and suffer as much as they could. A revolutionary message in its time, but that still makes sense.

6.- You are the one who makes your own decisions.

A revolutionary advice if we start from the fact that some ladies of the nineteenth century give it to us, but they cannot be more right. If we read Jane Eyre we realize the liberating message that hides the literature of the Brontë sisters, how they invite their heroines to fight for what they want and not give up until they get it, even with adversity of face and blowing like a cold hurricane. In the case of Jane Eyre, an orphan with everyone against her and who everyone regards as a nondescript character and as she believes in herself, despite having no family or money. He does not give up and get the job of his dreams. And yet he does not settle for staying in the place that society has reserved for her.

7.- Loving yourself is a priority.

Oh, and of course respect you. It is the key to being independent. Heroines like Jane who decide to run away and not marry the man they love because they prefer to be faithful to their principles and free, with nothing to reproach the next day.

8.- You are stronger than you think.

The heroines of the Brontë sisters seem fragile, apocalyzed and shy (if we don't tell Catherine, of course), but they hide an incredible fortress inside. No matter what happens to them, they always find a means to get out of the mess they have gotten into or to escape. And its strength lies in its great adaptability, they are elastic souls who prefer to adapt to new circumstances than fight against them.

9.- The passion is wonderful, but it can hurt the people around you.

The two main characters of Wuthering Heights, Cathy and Heathcliff, are soulmates, passionate lovers dedicated to each other since childhood, but the fire of their passion is also fueled by rage, revenge and resentment. Getting carried away by the most passionate feelings can do a lot of damage to the people around you and loves you, as in the novel with Edgar, Isabelle, Linton, etc.

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