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Fashion and the trio of aces: Letizia, Michelle and Kate

Compare the new princesses, queens or first ladies of the international scene with Jackie kennedy or with Grace of Monaco It seems an inevitable style exercise. However, during the 60s - the golden age of the Couture - The inaccessible style of these women had a lot to do with the aspirational dreams that were experienced watching movies in the cinema or reading fashion magazines.

The Queen Letizia, Michelle Obama Y Kate Middleton they prefer instead to mix garments of great designers with others cheap & chic that symbolize the democratization of fashion, a strategic bet that proves that they consume intelligently. A modern and judicious positioning in times when the economy seems very troubled.

Michelle Obama

If something characterizes Michelle, Letizia and Kate is that the three symbolize the democratization of fashion

Taking advantage of the New York Fashion Week Many brands wonder what would be the best way to make noise to become the center of attention and that it would help them sell their collections. Take a walk and do networking at Lincoln Center from Manhattan where parades take place is an option, although the most effective means is to be lucky enough to be chosen by Michelle Obama.

The wife of the president of the United States of America is for the New York Times the First lady braver and more stylish than the country has had since it has not parapeted behind a unique style or a brand but likes to change and loves to surprise. Michelle exercises a great influence in the fashion industry from his country, and helps to promote many young creators by showing off their creations. For these young designers, their maximum aspiration is that Michelle Obama bets on and looks like some of her models.

Let them ask but Jason Wu who shared a study with three other colleagues in Manhattan. But when Michelle Obama noticed an ivory silk suit that she wore during the investiture ball in 2009, her brand gained enormous momentum worldwide, or the artist Mimi Plange with whom he contacted after seeing a report about her published in the New York Times. This young designer created for Ms. Obama a series of models that the First Lady of the United States wore on several television appearances.

Since the time of Jackie Kennedy nobody had noticed so much in the wardrobe of a first American lady

The effect of this media exposure was incredible for the firm. In October of 2014 they were also invited by the White House to a fashion workshop dedicated to design that, in addition to bringing together 150 fashion design students and professionals from the sector such as Anna Wintour, also served to pay tribute to American designers such as Jason Wu, Narcissus Rodriguez, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Edouard Enninful, Thom Browne, Reed Kradoff and the Nepalese Prabal Gurung.

Michelle Obama inspires women in her country and also from abroad because she is part of those types of women who do not need to be told how to dress. The Mimi Plange brand was a very small and little known brand, however it did not matter to him to show off his creations of cosmopolitan style and inspired by Ghana, Mimi's homeland. Any brand would like to be able to dress women like Michelle Obama, self-confident women who trust her sense of style.

Since the time of Jackie kennedy nobody had noticed so much in the wardrobe of a first american lady. The difference is that Jackie liked to remember that he descended from French wearing creations by Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. Michelle Obama prefers to bet on American designers.

Kate Middleton Effect

Kate Middleton since the time she was only Prince Guillerme's girlfriend has always managed to raise interest thanks to her wardrobe. Everything that is usually sold is sold within a few hours of its appearance. So much so that experts have wanted to baptize this effect that has been able to channel the textile sector of the British economy with the name of Kate Middleton Effect.

The secret of its success: mixing luxury brands with low-cost brands

After her wedding, Kate Middleton's destiny changed dramatically, a fact that Kate took advantage of to affirm her modern, classic but unconventional, chic and above all simple style. Kate's style who likes mix luxury brands with low cost brands (The future queen of England does not hesitate to wear Zara or Topshop costumes) has contributed to the English fashion industry could bill millions of euros. Every time the Duchess of Cambridge makes an appearance wearing a garment at an affordable price, a immediate stock break.

His wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen was exhibited at Buckingham Palace during the summer of 2011. This action allowed to raise approximately 8 million pounds that went to swell the coffers of the Royal Collection. In August 2013, the Kate Effect was clearly seen again when the Duchess of Cambridge posed for an official portrait after her recent motherhood in a Seraphine signature suit that increased the brand's turnover by 50%.

However, the Kate effect is halted by the desire of the Duchess of Cambridge to look discontinued garments or the custom of wearing garments from past seasons which makes it difficult for those who want to copy it to do so. The CEO of the Whistles brand, another one chosen by Kate, said they used to make small runs, so when photos of Kate wearing one of her clothes were published, it is most likely that it had already sold out at the point of sale.

Kate seems to feel special predilection for the suits attached to the body, adjusted at the waist and above the knees which allows you to show off your legs. He also bets on pop colors, except when he is in the presence of the queen for respect for the protocol. Apparently and to content her Kate has chosen to lower the bottom of her skirts below the knees, and privilege the short sleeves at the elbow, and forget about the necklines. A somewhat severe style For such a young woman.

From a few months to this part, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have tired fashionistas a bit which has led her to lose your best dressed royalty title. Models too similar, that make it seem older, or too expensive. Kate's style seems to have stopped causing surprise and admiration, and no longer invites her to imitate her. We will have to see if the future queen of England will know keep alive the flame that united fashionistas not only from his country but from the entire world.

Queen Letizia

When Letizia Ortiz had not yet married Prince Felipe, the Queen Sofia He gave wise advice as a result of experience: "Letizia, don't complicate yourself with clothes!". Our queen who is smarter than hunger, and who has not hesitated to proclaim to the four winds that she seeks to follow her mother-in-law's unstoppable advice, pointed it out well in her memory. So when you have to attend conferences, hearings or visits you have chosen to look authentic working woman looks in versions as chic as sober but above all comfortable and functional that usually consist of black or gray pants with tops of the same tone associated with tone-on-tone or contrasting jackets. One of the brands of his style are his usual stiletto heels and the discreet presence of jewels that look more like jewelry.

With the help of her friend, stylist Eva Fernández, Queen Letizia is modernizing the image and protocol of the Spanish crown

Queen Letizia's wardrobe is a reflection of the modern monarchy and the reality of the Spanish economy. Letizia leaves to her European colleagues the great brands of the world of luxury and fashion to favor brands of ready-to-wear Spanish as Zara, Mango or Uterqüe which recycles year after year.

Although our queen recognizes and appreciates the style of the great Spanish designers (remember that for the preparation of her wedding dress she entrusted a Manuel Pertegaz, who had already retired, the great honor and the enormous responsibility of this task) for whom he feels authentic predilection is for Felipe Varela - A designer who, curiously, shared a desk with her husband, King Felipe, at the school.

His creations were the costumes he wore during the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to Spain in 2009 and also the suit he wore for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Although at first I used to wear pastel jacket suits or long coats in cream color over the years his style seems to have evolved becoming more daring and colorful. Probably part of the merit of this transformation is due to a young 34-year-old stylist named Eva Fernandez who also works for Condé Nast.

Eva was the one who proposed to the queen to replace the traditional black mantilla with which he used to attend the acts of the Civil Guard (body of which he acts as godmother) by the embroidered white crêpe coat with crystals and microbeads that Felipe Varela made for the day of the proclamation of Felipe VI. By betting on this garment so symbolic (it is not usual for queens to reuse the suit they wore on coronation day in an institutional act) he honored the protocol, making clear his desire to introduce some changes in his work representing the crown. An attitude as respectful as revolutionary that bets on modernize the image and the Spanish royal protocol.